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IGNITING THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE: THE OCEAN WARRIOR SELECTION WEEKEND The Ocean Warrior Selection Weekend provided a glimpse into the demanding nature of the forthcoming expedition. Participants were challenged physically and mentally, experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. It was an opportunity for individuals to test their mettle and discover their strengths—all in preparation for the incredible journey that lies ahead for one lucky contestant. Launched as part of the not-for-profit Global Warrior Project, Ocean Warrior is on a mission to build a better understanding of the ocean's tipping points through cutting-edge science. The inaugural mission, which sets sail in 2024, will be comprised of an array of legs, each covering a challenging 10,000 nautical miles, where a carefully selected team will explore the depths of the oceans, collecting vital scientific measurements to unravel the mysteries of our oceans and form a vital understanding of critical climate changes that are taking place. The project seeks to comprehend the impact of carbon storage, acidification, pollution, and species preservation—a quest for the holy grail of oceanography. As a precursor to the main expedition in 2024, the September 2023 event will circumnavigate a number of the Svalbard Islands, going ashore, experiencing the high arctic upfront and personal, with participants getting within 800 miles of the North Pole, reporting direct from the Arctic Ocean at a time when the least amount of sea ice for the year will be reported by scientists. This critical mission will help establish what data is to be measured, establish benchmarks and understand monitoring for the 2024 expedition. The crew will be testing new equipment, new communications technology, capturing digital content and testing filming methods and devices, whilst establishing methods, procedures, protocols for measuring and reporting on changes needed. For Henri-Lloyd, this partnership with Jim McNeill and The Ocean Warrior Project is a chance to revisit our heritage and support modern pioneers in their pursuit of exploration and adventure. Henri Strzelecki, the brand's founder, always dreamt of protecting those who dared to push the boundaries. This passion for protection led to numerous design breakthroughs, from the pioneering use of Bri-Nylon to the industry-standard Velcro closures. Jim McNeill, an explorer and Henri-Lloyd Global Ambassador, highlighted the importance of good quality protective clothing in extreme conditions. With temperatures plunging to -50 degrees Celsius, the crew will face the harshest elements, including treacherous icy conditions. Henri-Lloyd's commitment to responsible production ensures that the team will be not only protected to the highest standards, but will be wearing products made with a conscience for the planet they seek to preserve. Contrary to common misconceptions, prior sailing experience is not a requirement for joining this life-changing expedition. Instead, aspiring explorers must possess initiative, resilience, and a keen interest in the science. Stay tuned to see who the successful Henri-Lloyd entrant was, and watch as the Ocean Warrior team sets sail, armed with Henri-Lloyd's protective clothing and a spirit of adventure. Together, they will push the boundaries of exploration, unveil the secrets of the ocean, and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.